13ANG0007_SuperServiceLogo_Final_LessGradient-2200pxWe recommend having your ventilation system inspected for cleanliness every one to two years and cleaned if necessary. But when maintained properly, most systems require cleaning only once every three to five years.

According to NADCA (National Duct Cleaning Association), frequency of cleaning depends on several factors, including the preference of the home owner. People often consider more frequent cleaning when there are:

• Smokers
• Shedding Pets
• Water Contamination or Damage to the Home or HVAC System
• Residents with Allergies or Asthma who Benefit from Fewer Indoor Air Pollutants in the Home’s HVAC System
• After Home Renovations or Remodeling
• Prior to Occupancy of a New Home

You clean and dust your home on Saturday and by Tuesday it looks like you have not dusted in weeks. Sound familiar? Air Duct Cleaning is the solution. Every time you open a door or window new dust and dirt is introduced into your indoor environment. This dust and dirt has no exit strategy and will circulate through your home until removed. When was the last time you dusted or cleaned the inside of your air duct system? Air Duct Cleaning will eliminate the time consuming hassle of weekly dusting You will be amazed at the clean appearance Air Duct Cleaning provides your home.

Keep in mind that you can call Mighty Ducts for a free, no-obligation quote anytime. The price we give you will be the final cost you pay. You’ll never receive any surprises on your bill.

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